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tv   [untitled]    November 23, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EST

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no faith in the easy to the german chancellor warns members might not reach a deal as leaders wrestle over how much to spend on running the budget busting blog . one palestinian has been killed and ten teenagers injured by israeli guns this is two days into the ceasefire after they entered a no go zone on the darker gaza border israel has neither confirmed nor denied the incident. and bahrain's sentences twenty three medics were treating protesters injured in mass demonstrations as amnesty international warns of the country's a worsening human rights record for.
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world news live from our moscow headquarters are watching r t with me lucy tough enough let's get straight to our top story european leaders are arriving for their second day of budget fighting in brussels but all the financial wrangling it could be for nothing the german chancellor seems to have lost faith in the members abilities to work together and so it seems as the british prime minister who is pushing the toughest for the cuts let's get more on this now from artie's laura smith who is live for us in london laura welcome back to the program on the merkel herself as an optimistic that a deal could be struck in brussels this time around what's behind the pessimism. i think nobody's very optimistic at this stage that these talks will result in anything other than everyone just walking away from the table and saying we'll come back early next year and talk about it again the proposals the e.u. president herman van rompuy is pushing forward remain on satisfactory to practically everyone it seems he presented new proposals actually late last night
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which involved taking some money away from akman costs and reallocating it into other areas he made that presentation of it in a shortened late dinner last night and we understand that there was no discussion of those proposals you can imagine all the leaders to sort of filing out in silence after they've heard them ready to come back for talks this morning. currently offering a real terms cut in the entire budget of twenty billion euros but that's on a budget of one trillion so david cameron is cooling what's the president's doing at the moment take correct he says that they need a real spending cuts and affordable spending cuts in the e.u. budget at the they say in the e.u. which of course is forcing its member countries to implement austerity and the problem here is that everybody wants something different david cameron as i say want to a real terms cut france impulsively germany as well eager to preserve that agricultural subsidies denmark wants a rebate and has threatened to veto unless it gets one and then on the other side
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of the coin you've got come countries which the next beneficiaries of the. greece and italy and this is leaving them very uneasy because of those they want contributions to the budget and the budget as a whole preserved and every single one of these twenty seven countries has a veto so any one of them could walk away from the table and that would mean these talks would collapse entirely well certainly a difficult situation but you mentioned david cameron there who's pushing for a real terms cut in what's really behind this the strong opposition to his strong voice of dissent essentially in terms of what's expected from him back home on the buttons. well he's under an awful lot of pressure and really britten's expects him to bring home the bacon essentially they want him to do what he has promised to do which is bring home. cuts in spending and i think that many will find that anything other than that is unacceptable if he comes home with then it will having signed a deal on anything else and that will be unacceptable to britain's he's already
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seen a rebellion in his own party in the conservative party a couple of weeks ago where a conservative m.p. is very sits in parliament for real terms cuts in the budgets. that contribution to britain's contribution will be reduced to the but of course he may be full still walk away with much less than that including a reduction in the rebates that britain currently gets rich contributions to the to the e.u. and not enough of the over the entire budget or the entire contribution that britain makes so david cameron really to put it in perspective for you is coming home to a country where the e.u. has become increasingly less and less popular and according to some surveys more than half of british people want to see the u.k. leave the european union altogether anything less than a reduction in the amount of taxpayer funding that goes to the e.u. every year will be not good enough well certainly an uphill battle for cameron and really deep to lodge ideological fissures among the bloc of self keeping us up to
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date thanks so much. or i will disillusionment with the european project has brought more support in britain for the u.k. independence party which i believe that only pulling out of the e.u. will do party leader and euro m.p. nigel farrar says the britons want to break free because they're losing out by staying in. i don't think this summit itself or the issues that are being debated today specifically are the problem i think the real problem is that europe is now split from north to south in every way politically economically and of course culturally it always was and that's the real crisis within the european union and then there's the other dimension which of course is the british angle on it it doesn't matter what deal mr cameron comes back with today or in january or february the sixty percent of britons that now don't want to be members of this union don't believe there's any price worth paying the isolation from the global market place is caused because we are members of the single market customs union what that means
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is that despite the fact that the u.k. is the world's sixth biggest trading nation we are actually pretty hip it'd from having our own by actually trade deals with any other part of the world that has to be done on our behalf so the u.k. message is simple we love europe we want to get on with our neighbors we want to trade with them through a simple free trade agreement but then refocus british business to start concentrating on doing more deals around the rest of the world this european model this idea that europe is what matters in the rest of the world can go hang frankly is decades out of date. right along to the gaza story now where one palestinian has been killed ten teenagers injured in the israeli gaza border after israeli soldiers opened fire at farmers who reportedly entered a no go zone and now i.d.f. sources say that several riots took place near the border so warning shots were fired into the air in order to destroy the routes pardon me it comes on the second day of the fragile cease fire between israel and hamas well journalist and activist
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harry fear is currently working in gaza let's turn to heaven now for an update on the latest what we're already hearing reports of theoretically some sort of confrontations on the border is this an indication that the truce can perhaps not hold. well yesterday we received reports that four palestinians had been in. as a group of children went to a jeep an israeli jeep the had been blown up by resistance groups over the last while today we received this report that eight to ten palestinians have been injured and one critically injured so he has been killed a twenty year old man from the han eunice area being about two thirds of the way down the gaza strip bordering with israel now under the ceasefire most gazans see that the minute israel had put imposed on palestinian television the palestinian side of the border had been erased and that the farmers in the area whose land had been taken away they would not be able to farm so this morning
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a group of palestinians went to what they thought was now again that palestinian territory look at this israeli jeep which is rusting away and we've learned that as you say one palestinian has been killed in that incident we're now getting reports that there are protests following in the area now i think looking at the situation politically on both sides of the border i don't think that even though this twenty year old man has been killed that the cease fire will break it's not in the interest of the state of israel it's not in the interest of hamas here locally and i think this is going to be one of the most grave tragedies of these last couple of weeks well certainly a tragedy indeed but you mentioned protests there other than that the airstrikes have of course stopped are people sort of managing to get their lives back to normal what are you seeing on the ground since you're there. well it was wonderful as soon as the celebrations are up to the night of the ceasefire life is actually going back to normal to an extent here the schools are reopening and except for
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today is actually a day of rest it's an islamic holy day but generally speaking the streets of full again children again people shops are open again and life is going back to normal so quickly after the cease fire was announced it's a very nice thing for us to see here is internationals the gazans life going back to some sort of normality but of course we've had we've had so many injured over a thousand we've had over one hundred sixty palestinians killed and remember more is still being killed because they're dying all of the injuries that they. inflicted on them during the seven day war so the body count is still rising and the ministry of health here in gaza in the world health organization still have not given us the latest figures of how many palestinians were killed and so the scars are very much on the ground there on the mind and there on the bodies of some palestinians well you say that life is going back to normal but of course normal in gaza is under a very controversial blockade by israel and the one of the critical i guess
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obstacles to the peace agreement is the lifting of that blockade that has still to be discussed do you think that there's any chance that we'll see the complete easing of those restrictions. yes as you say in the ceasefire particularly referring to this that over these coming hours and days that will be more detail different to this notion of the lifting of the siege blockade on the gaza strip but i think people here in gaza according to mind reading a very very skeptical about actually being realized to one hundred percent extent that the blockade would totally be lifted has been to milestone easing the blockade since it was first imposed but they have been talking in relative terms i don't think people are expecting this cease fire to manifest in a proper proper and real lifting of the blockade of the gaza strip all right well certainly i keeping us up to date on the situation on the ground there that was
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journalist and activist harry fear who is currently working in gaza thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us. will israeli foreign ministry spokesman alon a stunning says that even with such a high number of civilian deaths in gaza she says the military operation could still be described as surgical take a look. at most possible not to hurt the civilians what we did is we pinpointed our operation just to the terrorist leaders and to their own unit ammunition but i do agree that they were once in a while there were casualties and we feel very badly about it but as you know this is not an easy operation no military operation is but by international standards the collateral damage here is pretty minimal amounts of civilians who die it's hard to see this way it sounds very bad but it could have been much much worse if we weren't so surgical and if our pilots were not given instructions to be very
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very precise in to aim is specially at the military terrorist leaders. well looks like just doing your job of treating the wounded can land you in jail if you're in bahrain after the break we're going to bring the story about how doctors are being punished for helping injured anti regime protesters this is their country brushes off human rights condemnation with the help of powerful foreign backing. i never thought i could earn a living this way. natale a show of oil is the norm or should test small arms so there's a lot almost machine building ploy and not obvious sourced count of all the weapons she's fired over the past twelve years. i got so used to it sometimes my friends ask me to join them at the rifle range and i say no wait i'm so tired of shooting.
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the clowns history goes from making firearms during world war two to ballistic missiles from nuclear submarines during the cold war the bulk of the soviet industry was moved here in the 1940's to flee the advancing germans so i was here also became the heart of soviet military production closed off to foreigners for hoffa's century it thrived on the massive moods of the soviet military when the u.s.s.r. collapsed but life here was shaken to the core which some adapted to better than others. this is the year old truck factory brushes the number one truck maker or gravel look at how well the workplace is organized everything's gone to make sure the work is done time there was so production is booming the factory has largely managed to get on to civil rails these johnsons sold around the globe hayabusa brand new be no way to be delivered to acquire seventy trucks like this
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one roll up the bronze conveyor belt every day look at about this thing. absolutely huge. well i'm no formula one pilot but hopefully if i can get up that. i can go for a test drive. oh that was fun perhaps i should get one of these to travel to whatever in the morning was with a cost of about forty thousand dollars i should start saving money. to live. to look the world sure but as the best and brightest take moyes gather in moscow some came to work while others came to play to get up close and personal with devices that recreate masterpieces and scan russian treasures from inside and
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from space to keep us safe from oil spills and forest fires unleash your inner gadget geek is the major's search for the next big thing in the computer world and russia's own joint numerous goodies looking to take the fight straight to their president. we've got the future covered. welcome back you're watching our team with me to see tough enough when both crane twenty three medics have been sentenced to three months prison for treating protesters and taking part in mass demonstrations they were arrested last year
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along with more than ninety five other health care workers. the court ruled that they could pay fines instead of serving the jail terms the convictions follow a damning report by leading human rights group which found the monarchy had failed its promised democratic reforms amnesty international says torture and even oppression are on the rise in a kingdom which is struggling to crush that eighteen month long uprising well one of the doctors who was detained to actually explain to us exactly what happened during her experience. i was involved in treating the injured patients to us there's testers are not the doesn't really matter. as a punishment for not being the authorities to abandon these patients hold the doctors who were involved in treating the contest or is there where i just did my sense of their sin and i was at a state objected from my house at three in the morning and i was badly mistreated i
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lost later on after being jailed for almost two months i wished disputed and tried in a meeting to the court and i was sentenced for fifteen years and prison and we've had peeled the verdict and we were released tonight on bail well definitely they will not bring charges for you for treating the protest and they will come with any charges they fabricate any crimes but the main issue here is to punish those who stood in the face of the regime and disobeyed the orders unfortunately as long as these dictatorship the genes are backed up by international forces in power and they're protecting them and their allies the united states and britain who don't see any chance for us any list is a change in the policy of the citizens of these countries. well thanksgiving turned deadly on the roads in texas where more than one hundred vehicles piled up on a foggy highway killing two and injuring dozens we have more details on the tragedy
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for you on our website r t v dot com also there for you keeping their lives on a short leash details and reaction to saudi arabia's roofs let husbands electronically track their spouses that move sends a text message in fact if the wife crosses borders. right will south korea has held military drills on a border island that was shelled by the north exactly two years ago the north says that twenty ton atomic which left four dead was in response to the south breaching naval borders during the life fire military exercises were for simon site on this we have asia expert ryan dawson. sir thanks for taking time to speak with us this drill no live fire was used this time but was it really necessary for seoul to hold these war games at such a sensitive time. you know i can see no advantage for why they would do this so i see this is possibly the president leaving the box last act as president he'll be
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gone in twenty three days. of course that resulted in four dead south koreans and i don't see how they came commemorate a victory either when the it wasn't it was a horrible international incident and they were lucky that it didn't lead to a larger war before south korean elections are coming up next month there's also some speculation that could be involved but you know if we look at the broader picture here both sides are sort of pointing the finger at one another in your opinion who is a who's actually stirring responsible for stirring attention on the plains. well that's right south korea's elections and japan also has its elections three days after that for the prime minister and so a lot of change in regards there but as far as who's stirring the pot i would say both sides north korea and south korea have been doing back and forth provocations north korea recently may have been moving parts for a long range missiles according to. read today in japan and south korea has its war
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games and nothing good can come of this however south korea has a lot more room to maneuver they're not so internationally isolated as north korea by their choosing to continue this tension with the north which has been going on since the korean war with the united states and there is nothing good to come of it i don't see why they're making these decisions to continually poke the bear well speaking of the barrel we've seen reports from japanese press that north korea is actually preparing to launch a new ballistic missile despite a u.n. ban on such tests the defiance certainly isn't helping matters is that you know and north korea's not going to listen to the u.n. nor do they care what the u.n. has the say i mean north korea is suffering from pretty severe sanctions they need food aid they just recently opened up more tourism to china at least some form of revenue and so they have no incentive to listen to any such demands from the u.n. because the u.n.
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and international pressure are already doing everything they can to squash and squirrels north korea's economy as it is thanks so much for speaking with us as asia expert on line dawson speaking to us from japan. well one of the what more of the world's news this hour mass rally is against the sweeping new powers of egyptian president mohamed morsi read on himself have become begun across cairo opposition processor's branded morsi is egypt's new pharaoh and are using him of a coup again. legitimacy has also called for the retrial of his predecessor hosni mubarak over the killing of protesters during the country's uprising. meanwhile a suicide bomber has blown up a car loaded with explosives in the wardak province in afghanistan killing two injuring at least sixty others including women and children the blast happened on the street where international and afghan security forces have a coordination office the taliban has claimed responsibility for the bombing say
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that it was in retaliation for the recent execution of four militants this is the second such attack of this week with kabul trying to beef up the city's security ahead of a holy day. syrian rebels are claiming huge advances in eastern syria saying that they have captured a key military base near the iraqi border the army compound containing a larger tillery stockpiles is believed to be the last stronghold of pro thought forces in the oil rich area opposition forces also seized a strategic military airport in the region last week meanwhile the local press is reporting that state t.v. a journalist has been shot dead by rebels in damascus. after the break it's the tomorrow's world today to quality update is just ahead right here on r.t. .
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live. hello and welcome to technology update here in moscow we're always on the lookout for the newest of the new and there's been no shortage of big announcements in the high tech world especially if the russian capital plays host to the open innovation forum. the first ever. high tech gurus and investors from across the globe. participants from dozens of countries. along the. exhibition hall to
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fulfill all the. fields of science business and government to encourage innovative development put in seven hundred speakers over the forums for days the schedule is jam packed with high powered conferences. normally this time of year plays host to a different event in two thousand and twelve. but this. is one of the main organizers of the rodeo no certainly let its presence be known the tiny take giant showed off many of its affiliated projects at its stand. exhibiting the size and breadth of its portfolio there are companies ranging from composite materials to solar panels. the one that caught our eye was a company whose main offering sixty keep yours in tip top shape my hotel which has grabbed a few headlines in the past with its fountain of youth has recently come out with
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a new i drop they could be the first of many products. we need. just like a pharmaceutical company so. we need distributors. additionally. many times. using our technology. we still need to find. the country. as a kind of clearinghouse for the ideas of tomorrow and one of those is photonics whose roots were laid in russia but has since sprouted into an international player the
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firm has developed a new kind of laser scalpel for dental surgery you could find uses just about anywhere that doctors currently employ a blade. well . they did very good reason. this year. on the first.


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